How long will my order take to arrive?

Around 90% of our orders ship the same working day, and 95% ship within two.

For UK customers, there will usually be a selection of delivery options ranging from Royal Mail Second Class up to Next Day Courior. Estimated delivery times will be given for each option, and every UK order will have a free delivery option. Heavier and higher-value orders will usually ship via a courier service, which is the next working day (or two working days for Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands).

If you want to ensure an item is delivered promptly, then please call us on 0800 024 8050. One of our Customer Care Team will give you an honest and accurate assessment of when your order can be dispatched (see our stock information on the next question) and let you know which delivery options are open to you. We can often upgrade your delivery option to ensure your order arrives promptly for a small extra fee.

For overseas deliveries, delivery options will range from Airmail Post up to Courior, with estimated delivery times displayed for each option. Heavier and higher value orders will ship via a courier service, which will take between two and eight working days, depending on the distance from the UK. For more accurate times for our courier service, please Contact Us. Please let us know if you have any urgent time constraints and we can let you know your options and can see what we can offer to get your order to you as promptly and safely as possible.

With all of our orders, we know how important speed is. All orders are despatched based on our years of experience of shipping such items in order to ensure they are sent appropriately. We'll do everything we can to get you your order as quickly as possible, but please do get in touch with us if you have a particular request or concern about your order. We're always on hand to help.

Please note that orders for CPAP machines will require some form of documentation to be provided by you before we can despatch your order (see question below for more information about this). High-value orders may require additional checks prior to despatch.

How much will shipping cost?
To calculate the shipping costs of your order, when you have added the items to your basket, you can go to the My Basket page and use the delivery calculator. The price this displays will be what you are charged for those items to be delivered to your chosen destination - so no surprises when you get the payment. We constantly review our shipping prices for all countries to ensure they are as accurate as possible for whichever items you are ordering.

Do you have stock of a particular item?
Any item marked as "In Stock" means that it is available, either in our extensive warehouse or in one of our suppliers'. 90% of orders can be shipped the same working day from our own warehouse. For the remaining 10%, our excellent relationships with our suppliers means that these orders should ship within 24-48 hours. We will let you know if your order is subject to any delay, and you can call us or email to enquire about exact stock availability at any time. Our Customer Care Team can let you know the availability of any item listed on our website and give an honest estimate of when you can expect to receive it.

Any item marked as "Out of Stock" means it is no longer available, and the page is for reference only. We endeavour to add an informative comment about replacement or alternative products if this is the case.

Do you ship outside of the EU?
We ship to all countries within the European Union, and also to selected European countries that are not currently EU member states such as Croatia, Norway and Switzerland. We do not ship anywhere outside of Europe for logistical and contractual reasons. However, if you are based outside of Europe, we could deliver your order to a friend or relative within Europe for them to send on. We will not be shipping outside of Europe directly for the foreseeable future.

Can I try the mask on before I buy?
We do not currently have this facility. We do however provide detailed information about every mask that we supply. This includes a wide range of photographs, an assessment of the features, any brochures or guides that are available, and for the majority of masks we provide a downloadable sizing gauge to ensure you purchase the correct size. We are also available via the Contact Us page to discuss the suitability of any given mask for your preferences and requirements, and can make suggestions based on that also. However, ultimately the choice is very personal and our advice, however much experience and knowledge our team have, is a distant second to your own personal needs.

Do you have a shop where I can buy or sample your products?
We are an online company, so we only sell through our websites. There are currently no physical shops selling CPAP products in the UK, and this is unlikely to change. We have shipped thousands of orders during our years of providing CPAP equipment, and most UK orders arrive the next working day.

Do I pay VAT on the items that you sell?
Most of the items we provide are classed as medical equipment, and therefore there is no VAT to pay. Items that do not fall in the this category will have VAT included in the price (for example, most of our comfort accessories and batteries). The price you see is the price you pay, VAT is already included where applicable rather than added on later, so no surprises.

Where/how can I have my machine serviced as it is a few years old?
Modern CPAP machines do not require servicing, they simply need a quick wipe down every now and again and the filters changed regularly, as per your user manual. If you take care of your machine, it will not need servicing. However, if you did want it serviced regardless of this, then you can always contact the manufacturer to get this arranged. This will usually be done at a cost however, including during the warranty period, unless there is a fault. In the rare case of a fault during the warranty period, please Contact Us directly and we can assist you.

Do the CPAP machines come with a mask and tubing?
All of our CPAP machine include a 6' (183cm) tube, however a mask is not included. We do not bundle a mask for the simple reason that no one mask suits everyone, and so we leave it to the customer to decide which mask suits them best. If you are having trouble choosing, please see our Mask Help & Advice pages, and if you are still unsure you can Contact Us and speak to one of our helpful and knowledgeable Customer Care Team, who will be able to advise you further.

Can I buy a CPAP machine without a prescription?
For us to be able to provide a CPAP machine we would need to see written documentation to show you require CPAP therapy. This does not have to be a formal prescription; it could be a simple letter from your doctor, for example, instead. If you have taken a sleep study prior, then you should have something to show this. If you have done a sleep study but are unsure if you have any paperwork showing your need for CPAP, then please Contact Us. If you are yet to do a sleep study (either privately through our at-home service, or via the NHS) then your first step would be to read our Sleep Studies information page and progress from there - you could still be benefiting from CPAP therapy within a fortnight.

What is the difference between a fixed pressure and an automatic CPAP machine?
Please see our informative CPAP or APAP? page by clicking here.

What is the difference between CPAP and BiPAP?
BiPAP is often used for more complicated conditions rather than simple Sleep Apnoea. If you have OSA but without any other respiratory, cardiac or other serious health conditions, then CPAP would be the best form of treatment for you. If you think you may require BiPAP then you should discuss this with your sleep or respiratory clinician first.

In terms of technical differences, CPAP blows air constantly. BiPAP however help to regulate your breating, with alternative inhalation and exhalation pressure settings. Your doctor or clinician will have told you if you require this form of treatment.

Which CPAP machine is the best?
All CPAP machines essentially do the same role, and choosing comes down to personal preference between features, size, and appearance. You cannot make a "wrong" choice in terms of the therapy itself, but some machines may suits your preferences and lifestyle better than others. For more information on how to choose, please click here for our guide to choosing.