SleepWeaver Skin-Friendly Masks

What makes SleepWeaver CPAP masks "Skin-Friendly"?

BREATHABLE - Any moisture away from the skin, keeping the area between the mask and skin dry.
CUSHION OF AIR - The mask forms a fabric balloon so that the portion that contacts the face is a cushion of air, rather than a silicone or polyurethane gel cushion.
NO RIGID FRAME - The is no rigid frame to press against your face. This lets you roll over on your pillow or sleep face down.
NO PRESSURE POINTS - The elastic fabric on the SleepWeaver interface conforms to your facial features.
LIGHTWEIGHT - SleepWeaver masks are typically 50% lighter than conventional CPAP Masks.

The SleepWeaver range of Skin-Friendly CPAP masks are the softest, lightest masks available. Browse the range below.