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DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine

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DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine

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Product Review (submitted on 17 July 2018):
Like so many I actually couldn't be (and wouldn't want to be) without an APAP machine at night. Since receiving my very overdue Severe OSA diagnosis in March 2015 (having suffered from it for many years previously as most have), I've been a very happy user of my NHS provided Respironics System One Auto. My only problem is that as I have for my entire career to date been a regular business traveller, the System One has been an utter pain. Clumpy to pack, both the machine and the incredibly irritating power brick (why do we still need these dinosaur items in 2018?!), as well as the 22mm tube etc. It constantly got me down, and for a long time I dreaded airports, something which play a large part in my life. I'd been after a travel solution for a while, which didn't limit me to a fixed pressure machine (I'm not keen on them) and which didn't trade size of the machine by still retaining the irritating power brick. Arise, therefore, Philips, for making the (in my humble opinion) finest APAP machine of them all, the Dreamstation Go. It could have been built just for me. It is sleek, attractive (well, compared to the System One a brick wall is attractive), light, feature packed, and doesn't need a silly power brick! A clamshell case can be bought separately, and I'm glad I bought one as it makes throwing the Go into my carry-on roller bag a breeze. There is a pouch too for the fabulous 12mm tube (as flexible, sturdy and lightweight as you could ever wish for), my (ResMed) nasal mask and the (Brick-less) power cable, but it all fits better into my Eagle Creek 1/4 cube, so the pouch tends to be left back at home. It is quickly changing my travelling life, with the first trip this week an absolute breeze.

Now, the machine. I really wanted the Go to be my permanent APAP, to replace the System One on my bedside table, and also as I wanted to use the App. I was worried about making the transition, as I'd only known the System One before, and hoped I'd get on with the Go. I'd been a little concerned about the possible louder noise of the Go being a travel machine, and was worried about disturbing my wife, so all in all, it was with a few nerves that I placed my order. Thankfully, I worried for no reason. The Go duly arrived next day (well done Intus, an excellent service!). It is packed in an Apple-esque fashion, took about three minutes to set up, and IS BEAUTIFULLY QUIET! (well, comparing it to the System One in any case). There is a small amount of the usual white noise expected with APAP in the background, but it really is at a very low level. I took to the Go immediately, and recorded 08:20 hours on the first night, 08:30 on the second (both weekend nights before you think I'm lazy) and over 07:15 on each night subsequently. My wife has noticed absolutely no difference to the noise in our bedroom at all. The machine is so much easier to live with, and looks right at home on my bedside at home or at a hotel. The tube is fabulous. Light, flexible but (so far) strong, I'm also finding that much easier to live with. My quality of sleep has been fantastic. The DreamMapper App is great, produces reports with a few keystrokes, and concentrates on the most important aspects on the Sleep screen, particularly AHI for which I've been below 1.0 so far, so I'm really happy with that.

All in all, this is an outstanding product, and Philips should be proud. It is expensive, but for me, as a regular traveller, size and weight are everything. As I'm also getting the added value of every day use, my view is that this Dreamstation Go is very good value for money, and therefore is highly recommended by me at least.