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Hybrid Full Face Mask

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Hybrid Full Face Mask

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Product Review (submitted on 18 November 2014):
Overall this does suffer from a usual issue that impacts on many masks for me at least, that being the range of adjustments is suitable for those with more average patient who has a 'fatter' or 'fleshier' face and therefore offers better seals. Also it requires two fully functioning hands and arms to fit it for yourself as the clips fall out unless both sides are clipped in together at the same time, so assistance required if you have issues such as paralysis or arthritis in hands or arms.

I am also dubious about the method of nasal pillow adjustment which just doesn't seem very good at least for my face/head shape the distance from chin to nasal interface means that it either leaks at the nasal pillow end or the chin/mouth end.

A good concept that will no doubt work very well if you have the right shape and size face.