Leslie shares his OSA story

Leslie's CPAP Story

For many years I have suffered from intermittent snoring and fatigue. My partner would also inform me that on occasions I would cease breathing. As I was not overweight I did not think it was an issue to be worried about. My father was a life-long snorer and he seemed okay, and apart from that, most people snored and probably also had occasional lapses in breathing. I also had other health issues which were of more concern to me.

Over time the fatigue became a major concern. However, doctors and specialists were adamant that this problem was down to medication and possibly fibromyalgia. Personally I had ruled out medication as being the cause of the fatigue and decided to do some research on the internet. I eventually came across some medical research which pointed to a link between fibromyalgia and sleep apnoea - a condition that I had heard of but had no detailed knowledge of.

"OSA not only impacts on the life of the sufferer but those around them"

Sleep apnoea is an insidious disease. It not only impacts on the life of the sufferer but those around them. Falling asleep in company was no longer really funny. I could not read or watch a favourite programme without waking up at the end and asking what had happened. The number of times I had spilt a drink due to nodding off. My memory and concentration had become compromised. Strangely, I seemed to have stopped dreaming. Gone were the morning erections. Every day was becoming increasingly difficult. I would wake feeling totally un-refreshed, as was my partner, who would be kept awake by my snoring. Eventually my profession and social life was severely affected.

A Finger Pulse Oximetry Test is the first step for those who think they have OSAI had hit a brick wall with regard to my medical problems. As previously stated the general medical opinion was that my symptoms were linked to the medication I was taking for chronic pain due to arthritis and fibromyalgia. As my research seemed to indicate a lot of my problems could be due to sleep apnoea I set about searching the internet for information. From this I realised that I would have to undergo a sleep study in order to confirm if sleep apnoea was an issue or not. My search for a sleep study led me to www.Sleep-Study.co.uk.

The information on the Sleep Study site was invaluable. I telephoned and spoke to one of Intus Healthcare's team who advised me that the Finger Pulse Oximetry Sleep Study would be ideal for me. I ordered the study and eagerly awaited its arrival. The equipment was easy to use and quite unobtrusive to use. I returned the equipment and awaited the results. Within the week I received a telephone call from one of Intus' technicians informing me that I indeed did have sleep apnoea. Given that I had other health issues I was advised to discuss the findings of the sleep study with my doctor before proceeding with any purchase of CPAP equipment. I was a little disappointed as I was keen to undergo treatment as soon as possible but Intus were very professional, as in my case it was not appropriate to allow me to purchase equipment without my doctor’s approval. I arranged a visit to my doctor who gave me the green light to go ahead with the private purchase of the equipment.

"Intus have been first rate, providing a personal and ongoing professional service"

CPAP machines are the most effective and popular option for those with OSAAfter looking on www.EU-PAP.co.uk at the range of equipment on offer I made a short-list which I then discussed with Intus Healthcare. My final choice was made and the equipment quickly delivered and treatment started. My main link with Intus has been James and the service has been first rate. Running reports from the machine has been a quick and easy process along with valuable feedback on my progress. The particular equipment I purchased, a Philips Respironics System One REMstar Auto CPAP, can also be easily adjusted by the use of a data stick which is sent in by post. Intus Healthcare does not just sell CPAP equipment; it provides a personal and ongoing professional service to its clients.

I have been undergoing CPAP treatment for just over two months. During this time I have seen my AHI drop from the high forties to around the mid teens. This means that there is now much less stress on my internal organs. There is still a little way to go to reach my target of an AHI of 5 and below but I am sure I’ll eventually get there. During this time I have been aware of some improvements. I now occasionally have dreams, which is a good sign. There have been improvements in erectile function, less headaches and NO snoring. Fatigue is still a major problem but I have no doubt that this will improve with time and that I have other health issues which impact on my overall wellbeing.

I would strongly advise anyone who suspects they may have OSA to take responsibility for their own health and get tested. I would even go as far as saying even if you don’t suspect you have OSA it’s worth having a test as part of your routine healthcare, especially if you live alone. I think the medical profession miss a lot of people who have this condition. If you don’t fit the typical profile of being overweight etc and/or have other medical conditions that throw the doctors off the scent you could end up seriously damaging your health. A sleep study is a quick and easy way of detecting problems and a small price to pay when the reality is that your life could literally depend on it.

Does this sound like you? If so you too can enjoy the life-changing therapy that Leslie has. If you have OSA it can have a big impact on your life - and the lives of your loved ones. Taking a sleep study is the first stop towards getting OSA confirmed and treated. Your first step is choosing which sleep study is right for you - have a look at our simple guide here now!

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