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The CPAP Hose Lift eliminates pulling on the mask and helps avoid getting tangled in the tube when rolling around during the night. Fewer leaks and more comfortable sleep are only a couple of the benefits the CPAP Hose Lift has to offer.

Now shipping the latest version – v5.5! Compared to v5, the latest revision is 12% lighter, 16% more compact and the base is 14% larger for improved stability. The angled element is also reversible, allowing you to choose between maximum height, or longer reach across the bed.

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The Hose Lift suspends the tubing of your CPAP, APAP or BiPAP overhead, thus eliminating the drag of the long hose on your mask, as one moves during sleep. It folds and collapses, gathered into an 8″x5″ fabric bag, and weighs only 8 ounces (230g), for easy travel. It not only works well away from home, but also at home – slipping under and secured by any mattress system. Height when assembled is 104cm.

Now shipping the latest version – v5.5! Compared to v5, the latest revision is 12% lighter, 16% more compact and the base is 14% larger for improved stability. The angled element is also reversible, allowing you to choose between maximum height, or longer reach across the bed.


If you get tangled up with your hose regularly or dislike the cold ribbed hose touching your skin during the night, get yourself a Hose Lift and move those problems away for good. A Hose Lift can also help with rain-out as heavier droplets will struggle to go all the way up the hose and simply drop back towards the machine instead of your mask.

Quick & Easy

Installation is quick and easy, you simply put the pieces together like the poles of a tent and put its base between your mattress and the bed frame. Run the hose through the elasticated hose suspension loop and you are all set for that until now elusive good night’s sleep.

The Hose Lift works with a standard 6ft tube but if you have your PAP machine further away from your bed than a usual night stand, a 10ft tube may be desirable. Works especially well with modern masks with a 360 degrees swivel.

New Mask Hook

The latest model of the Hose Lift ships with a very handy hook which allows you to hang your mask from. Neatly out of the way of pets who often see CPAP equipment as a toy! With this great addition, the Hose Lift keeps the tube out of the way at night and the mask out of the way during the day.

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Weight 245 g
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 cm
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17 reviews for CPAP Hose Lift

    Mary C

    Cpap Hose lift. This is one of the most useful items I have Purchased. Works really well and no drag on the mask. The service was quick and efficient and good value I would certainly recommend this product


    Excellent. As in the first review above, I always hated having the hose draped across the sheets. It was always uncomfortable, kept pulling the mask off my face and broke up my sleep patterns. It is hard to describe the difference it has made to my nights. My sleep has hugely improved since I began to use the hose lift. Its use is simplicity itself and I would consider it to be an essential component of CPAP unit.


    Super idea, mediocre execution. This is a phenomenal idea to take the pressure off gravity pulling on the hose. Execution / workmanship is poor – very poor quality materials when a little extra investment would make the world of difference to the stability of the product. That said, with a little innovation you can find workarounds to “assist” this product to do its job. The moment a better built product is built I will switch to that. This is a good stop gap in the meantime. I have to keep pushing the base in under my mattress to prevent the hoselift from collapsing.


    Brilliant. This overpriced tent pole was a great investment. I was fed up of getting the hose wrapped around my neck or sleeping on it and this has solved both issues. I’d recommend it to everyone. My CPAP usage has increased notably as has the quality of my sleep… Brilliant.

    Rob D

    Brilliant design. I tried this for the first time last night in preparation for my holiday. The design is great. The individual sections collapse and are held together by an elasticated section running through the poles. This keeps the system together so all you have to do to erect it is to unfold it and the elasticated section pulls the poles into the sockets. Once collapsed and put into the included bag the system is tiny, very light weight, and can be taken anywhere with the minimum of fuss.

    Everyone should have one. All I need now is to be able to tolerate CPAP for more than a couple of hours a night!

    Mrs M

    Advantage of a hose lift. I use a Nippy ventilator, and have always had problems with the long hose which slips down during use, and gets pulled off its connection to the ventilator. This would frequently lead to disturbed nights.

    Recently, I bought the Hose-Lift, and am delighted with it. First of all, I found the setting-up extremely easy. It takes just a couple of minutes, and requires no DIY skills or tools. The whole assembly is easy to set up and dismantle, very lightweight, and comes with its own bag. This could be easily popped into your luggage when travelling.

    -The Hose Lift holds the hose up, and prevents it falling down or pulling on the connections. My Nippy has an exhalation vent in the tubing, but the Hose-Lift holds this up above my head so that it doesn’t blow onto me.

    Like many others, I have always had problems with air leakage from the top of mask; the weight of the hose would drag the mask downwards, letting air escape at the top. With Hose Lift, there is no tension on the hose, so this is no longer a problem.

    Other advantages I have found are that the mask now leaves fewer pressure marks on my face, and I no longer get tangled with the hose during sleep.

    After some experimentation, I have realised that it is important to insert the hose from behind the mast assembly, before threading through the loop at the top. If not, the whole thing may swing forward during sleep and you could get entangled. This is not clear from the instructions supplied, although the website photo does show this very well.

    I have already recommended this item to all my friends who use ventilators or C-PAPs


    Makes it seem as if the hose doesn’t exist!. I used to hate having the hose draped across the sheets, I always seemed to be catching it and it always seemed to be pulling the mask away from my face. The hose lift certainly changed that, now I hardly know the hose is there, as it’s way above my head out of the way. Also reduces the possibility of ‘rainout’ with humidifier use.

    The design is brilliant, it doesn’t look at all ‘medical’ and it can be swung out of the way when not in use, or dismantled in about five seconds. The base slips under the mattress, and the pipe holder is elasticated to give some flexibility if the hose is pulled in sleep.

    If you’ve not got a hose lift then I would strongly advise you to get one, the cost is minimal but the benefits are priceless!

    Definately the best accessory I have to smooth my CPAP use.


    very Highly recommend. Like many of the reviewers I was being completely woken up by having to rearrange the tubing over my body when changing sleeping positions. The lift has eliminated these problems. It is very quick and easy to assemble. I did try using it at the side of me, but found much better results from behind at the end of my bed, although when I moved it clanked against my metal headboard. This was easily rectified by tying a mans handkerchief in a figure of 8 around the tubing of the headboard and the upright of the stand.


    Hose lift – extended use. Having used this for the past 2 years I initially found that the bottom plastic molding to attach the upright tube to the wire base did not firmly fit and the plastic had to be pared away a little before a better fit was made. Prior to this the upright mast would collapse during the night as it would not stay on its wire base. However after 2 years extended use every night I have to say that this product worked well. Now however the base is working loose again and the mast wobbles and rattles against the bed frame. A wooden base and mast holder is my next job in the workshop so that the device can have a further extension to its life. The elastic hose holder is also losing its stretch and either needs replacing with new shock cord or modifying somehow to take up the slack. For £20 I think it is a little pricey for a gadget that has only lasted a couple of years. Maybe I am just a bit unlucky with this one as the idea is certainly a good one. More care on manufacturing tolerances should fix this.


    Fantastic item. I have used this stand for 18 months now and from the beginning I have found it to be an essential part of my CPAP equipment. I tend to move around quite a lot when I sleep and before I had the stand would end up tied up in knots!! This is a great purchase and in my opinion an essential for getting a comfortable sleep. I also bought the pillow and fleece tube wrap, both of which have also considerably improved my comfort and helped me to sleep well on CPAP. I thoroughly recommend all three of these items.


    Sehr praktisch / Very convenient. Einfach in der Handhabung, sehr flexibel. Ermöglicht freie Beweglichkeit, der Schlauch zerrt nicht mehr an der Maske.

    Easy to use, very flexible. Allows freedom of movement, the hose pulls no longer at the mask.

    Tony K

    Does what it says on the tin!. Simple, logical, ingenious! I sleep on my back and both sides during the night so being attacked by my own plastic trunk was something of a frustration.

    The unit weighs nothing, assembles itself (almost), tucks under the mattress and just dangles the mask hose in front of my face. It makes undisturbed sleeping so much easier!

    Considering a second one for when I’m away from home (which I often am)!


    Very easy to assemble, supports hose giving more freedom of movement.. The support is easy to assemble, by supporting the hose it gives more freedom of movement while sleeping, thereby not being disturbed while turning in your sleep.


    Practical and user friendly. base square frame is not heavy enough to rest on floor , apart from this i liked this product


    Fantastic product. After 6 months of struggling when I am away from my own bed, relief. The issue of catching the trunk in my sleep has stopped. The product folds so small and easily so business trips are so much easier now. Well designed and made, first class !


    Useful product. Great product. It eliminates pulling on the mask. The comfort increases dramatically.


    Why didn’t know about this before?. This simple hose lift increases CPAP comfort exponentially. I wish I knew about this years before. If a CPAP user, this is a compulsory piece of kit.

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