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System One REMstar 60 Auto CPAP Machine

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System One REMstar 60 Auto CPAP Machine

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Product Review (submitted on 22 September 2017):
I bought this machine because I was moving countries and I couldn't keep my rented DeVilBiss Sleepcube. I was always having issues getting to sleep with that machine anyway because it has a very loud whine when breathing in. That made it very hard to forget about my breathing and relax.

The first night when I was in hospital for the calibration test they used this model and I didn't remember it as being noisy, so I bought this same one. It turned out brilliant, so much quieter than the Sleepcube. I have set it to 2cm flex and the change of pitch is not noticeable. Also the overall noise is much lower. This machine really gets out of the way and lets you forget about it (as much as you can with a mask strapped to your face :) ). About the mask: I use it with the Philips Wisp Nasal mask, it's very lightweight, much more comfortable than the full-face masks I've seen others wear in the hospital. I would recommend the fabric version as the clear plastic strap is very tough and tends to push the mask away from my face when I turn at night. The fabric one is more flexible but probably a bit less durable, though it's held up fine for 2 months.

Another thing I really like is the integrated SD card feature (no more expensive add-on SmartLink module) and the auto on/off so I never even have to touch the machine. The user interface is also a lot more advanced with a nicer display and a rotating dial.

On top of all that this machine is a bit smaller and easier to move. I'm not using the auto feature but I got the auto model anyway in case my prescription changes in the future (as I'm moving country I'll get a new doctor).

Kelly from EU-PAP was super helpful with the order and fulfilling the required forms. Delivery was very quick and very well packaged.

Overall highly recommended!