Tap PAP Headgear-Free Nasal Pillows Mask by Airway Management

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Tap PAP Headgear-Free Nasal Pillows Mask by Airway Management
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SKU: PAP-NP1-001

The Tap PAP Headgear-Free Nasal Pillows Mask allows you to achieve comfortable CPAP therapy, but without any straps. Instead, it uses a mouldable mouthpiece to keep the nasal pillows comfortably and securely in place. If you're tired of adjusting headgear and trying to find a comfortable fit, then try the Tap PAP instead.



Tap PAP - CPAP therapy without headgear

The Tap PAP is a nasal pillows CPAP mask that addresses two of the most common issues with CPAP masks - overburdening headgear, and leakage. The Tap PAP does away with traditional headgear, instead using a small mouthpiece to position the nasal pillows - and keep them in place throughout the night.

For some CPAP users, any form of headgear is problematic. By using a mouthpiece, the Tap PAP removes this. Instead, the heat and bite mouthpiece is moulded to your upper teeth, staying securely and comfortably in position without relying on headgear straps.

Another advantage of the mouthpiece design is that the upper jaw and nose are joined together - you cannot more one without the other. This means that once fitted, the Tap PAP stays fitted, with greatly reduced risks of dislodging or leakage during the night.

Fully adjustable, the Tap PAP works around you

The Tap PAP allows you the adjust the positioning and angle of the nasal pillows, allowing you to get it to fit just right. It uses a simple screw lock which, once set, will stay set for the night and for the foreseeable future. It can simply be readjusted at any time if required.

An optional headgear is available if preferred for a more traditional fit. This is used in conjunction with the mouthpiece, rather than in place of.

Both the nasal pillows and the mouthpiece can be replaced if and when required. The Tap PAP includes three sizes of nasal pillows as standard, Small, Medium and Large, for you to try and choose appropriately.

Dental Requirements

This product can only be used by patients that:

  • Have at least 8 of their original permanent upper teeth
  • Do not have any teeth positioned out of line with the others
  • Do not wear removable dentures
  • Do not have dental implants
  • Do not have any loose crowns or fillings, or any broken or soft teeth
  • Do not have permanent bridges on the upper teeth

If you do not meet all of the criteria above, then the Tap PAP would not be suitable for you. Please consider a conventional nasal pillows mask.


Additional Information

SKU / Code PAP-NP1-001
Weight (including packaging) in grams 100.0000
Manufacturer Airway Management
Product Specifications No
What's Included No
Useful Links No
Vat Exempt Yes
Mask Size One-Size-Fits-Most
Sizing Gauges No
Mask Type Direct Nasal Pillow
Cushion/Seal Material Silicone
Replaceable Seal/Cushion Yes
360 Degree Swivels Tube End
Humidifier Required Optional
Forehead Support No
Chin Support No
Diffuser No
Exhalation Valve Yes
Oxygen/Pressure Port No
Flexible Mask Body No
Storage Bag/Box Supplied No
(Quick) Release Method No
Headgear Included Yes
Headgear Attachment Method No
Crown Strap No
Headgear Adjustment Points 0
Manual Languages English
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 days
Manufacturer's Help Lines No
Made In USA
CE Marked Yes
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